A little about the photographers...

We are a wife and husband photography team in Southern Illinois. Every wedding is so special to us and we are thankful to have been part of so many amazing love stories - in 2021 we reached the milestone of our 75th wedding captured!

Siarra is the primary photographer and editor. She handles portrait sessions, senior sessions, and more! From helping plan the most special engagement session to crafting the perfect itinerary and photo lists, she's your gal! Ben steps up big time on wedding days to make the guys crack genuine smiles, snap fun candids, and pay extra special attention to the little details. (Yep - he's the BEST dress fluffer believe it or not!)

Besides being the best wedding day duo... we love cooking together, DIY projects, playing with our two doggos, going to the lake, and completing daily Wordles!

The above photos of us were taken by some wonderful photographers including Love & Sea Photography and Angellica Photography.